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Experiencing the Law Will Begin to Make This Real.

Experiencing the Law Will Begin to Make This Real.

Opportunities for Practical Experience

Our renowned Clinical Program enrolls more than 240 student attorneys representing real clients in real cases. Our 11 clinics allow students to work on issues ranging from immigration law to intellectual property law. There is no better way to develop and gain confidence in skills that include client and witness interviewing, client counseling, case theory development, investigation, witness examination, and negotiation. Clinical Programs

Step outside of the classroom and work side-by-side with practicing attorneys at U.S. Government agencies, public interest and trade organizations, the courts, and pro bono law firms in the metropolitan area. Each year this hands-on learning experience helps more than 400 students acutely refine their research, writing, and litigation skills. Externships

Sharpen your pre-trial and trial skills in our nationally recognized Trial Advocacy Program. Our controlled simulation includes practical demonstrations, cutting-edge technology, critiques, and more. Trial Advocacy

Interested in teaching young people their rights under the U.S. Constitution? Be a role model in a local high school and become a Marshall-Brennan Fellow. Marshall Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project